Let’s get your mission statement clarified and your business data organized so you can relax knowing that tomorrow’s day is planned and doable.

Clarify (we do this together)

  • Review mission statement
  • Reflect on current and future ideals
  • “Big Picture” it and then “Fine Detail” into a manageable plan
  • Stay on track with accountability calls or emails or texts or snail mail… or anything to keep you on track to see desired that change
  • Dive deep into ideas
  • Build a client base with only your “paradigm” clients
  • Create your ideal work environment
  • Learn to talk about your business
  • Note stressors and how to deal


Organize (we can do this together or I can take the reigns)

  • Create and maintain client databases
  • Data spreadsheets and computer files
  • Phone, email and/or mail communications
  • Social media support
  • Newsletter/blog production
  • Notes/memos/to-do lists
  • Passwords
  • Contacts
  • Marketing/system schedule for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Forms (i.e. intake, questionnaires)
  • Marketing material
  • Website creation
  • Logo creation

Contact Me

Camano Island, WA 98282